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In True T. Swift Style

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Celeb Inspired Threads | 0 comments

taylor swift

The American Music Awards happened last week. Also, it’s still Corona. (Don’t you just love how this dreadful virus has turned into a time period in and of itself. Like oh, during the Renaissance period… except this one’s named after a killer…) Anyhow, back to the subject matter! The AMA’s DID take place in person, despite Covid still being very much an issue. But there was rigorous testing done beforehand, lots of continuous sanitizing, masks worn by everyone who wasn’t performing, including the backup dancers, and of course, social distancing. And then again, many performers performed remotely. For example, Dua Lipa performed from London, and BTS from South Korea. All in all, it was a pretty normal show, though.

That being said, my favorite part of the AMA’s had to be when Taylor Swift showed up on screen to accept her third consecutive Artist of the Year Award. And the reason she showed up on screen instead of in person was because, drumroll pleeeease… she was busy re-recording all her old music in the original studio it was recorded in. Y’know, Scooter Braun drama. But how exciting?? Taylor also won Favorite Music Video and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, BTW. The greatest part of her on screen appearance, though, had to be, well, her actual appearance! No gorgeous gown, no full on glam, hair in a messy pony, minimal makeup and a black chunky knit sweater. I mean, come on! Who gets away with this?!? Only the biggest pop star ever, duh! The whole thing was just so effortless, and kind of cool; plus, she looked genuinely happy and was quite literally in the recording studio making us all music! *Sigh*

So while I usually go for the glitzy gowns and try to make y’all the queens of the hospital halls with my celebrity inspired scrubs picks, this time I’m all about 2020. Taylor Swift went full on oversized, comfy sweater and I’m going to bring you the comfy. In fact, I’m proud to introduce you to our exclusive line of Worked In medical scrubs. They’re comfy, cool, wash like a dream, and yet are so super stylish, feature a great fit, and come in a range of gorgeous colors. In honor of Taylor’s look, may I introduce you to the black Worked In scrub set. The top features a flattering v-neck and the pants are your classic cargo style. They boast 4-way stretch, Real-Dri technology and are antimicrobial to boot. It’s going to be a work wardrobe staple. Guaranteed. And you’ll have Taylor silently cheering you on from her recording studio😊


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