Lea Michelle and Her Notched Neck Dress

It’s blue. It’s detailed. It’s Lea Michele.

This dress just screams detail. Lea Michele’s dress is all one color – a gorgeous sky blue – but the detail is far from universal. Sometimes when you have one-colored dress it can look bland, even boring. That’s why when shopping for clothes, make sure your one-color, solid dresses have added detail so that you can have the fashion and personality too. Lea’s outfit shown above, looks like an intricate lace dress forming floral designs and shapes. The square neck looks dainty as is, but it’s even more chic with the notch drop at the center. It adds that little bit of flair that makes her dress perfect.

With scrubs, we’re mostly wearing one solid color for both top and bottom. Some of us get lucky and can wear a different color top and bottom to work. Some of us get even luckier and are allowed to wear print scrub tops. If you have to stick to the one color scheme, pick scrubs that have that detail that screams style and personality. A notched neck has that subtle detail you’re looking for in a workplace while still bringing out that fashionista in you. Even better, use color-blocking if you are allowed to wear a different solid color scrub top and bottom. Bring the yellows and reds together, blue and orange,  even purple and green. And my goodness, prints open a whole new world of possibilities – you’ll be blown away!

The 25748C Skechers scrub top has the perfect combination of style, functionality and detail. We think it looks just like Lea Michelle’s gorgeous notched neck dress. Detailed blue floral design plus the dainty notch neck make for one attractive scrub top!

Do you have any tricks that bring your personality to your scrubs workplace? How do you make that solid colored top and bottoms yours? Let us know, we’d love to hear.

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