• Staff Fall Picks

    Let’s face it, fall is just around the corner. And although I really don’t want to pull out my long johns, I am excited to wear my warm, wintery nail polish and be surrounded by pumpkin spice everything! And since we’re all doing a little change in our wardrobes, I figured we’d bring you our Medical Scrubs Collection staff fall picks. Here you go:       Kelly’s digging the Dickies Performance System tee in the […]

  • Ravishing Reds on the Red Carpet

    Raise your hand if you worked over this holiday weekend. Oh yeah, that’s a lot of you! And just so you know I’m raising my hand too. I went to the doctor today and the receptionists were saying how they had their ‘Monday faces’ on and how they couldn’t believe it was Tuesday. I was just sitting there like “Uh, yeah. I sure know as heck it’s Tuesday!” At least you get me; we’re […]

  • The Quick & Easy Nurse Hairdo

    Let me begin by saying that if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to read this page. My hair needs attention and work. Honestly it’s not god-awful, but it sure needs my TLC! The frizz, the limpness… it’s just not very amicable. I’ve been on this never ending chase to look for hairstyles that work on any given day, regardless of the weather, my mood or how much time I have on […]

  • Bethenny Brings It: Hello Kitty

    On my lunch break at work two days ago, I did a quick catch-up with my phone. As I mentally crossed off my phone to-dos, checking and responding to emails, text messages, WhatsApp’s and looking through my social media feeds, something caught my eye. It all took a few short minutes, but I did take an extra second to comprehend what I saw on my Instagram feed. If you’re on social media, you’ve seen […]

  • 5 Things Every Nurse Needs to Have On Hand

    If you think this blog is going to be all about what you need in your nurse purse, guess again! We know that things-nurses-need blogs are plentiful and need no additional mentioning. So we’ll be focusing on what we love to talk about – the unspoken. Another name for Nurses may as well be Selfless. Agree? It’s all about others. Giving to the debilitated. Serving the sick. Go ahead and read all those blog […]

  • Scrubs for Summer!

    Did you all know that it’s officially summer? (Silent happy dance) Now that we’ve established that, we can celebrate by having BBQ’s and going to the beach. Uh no, nurses – they actually celebrate by working endless shifts. Alrighty then, let’s reframe that. So if you do by any odd chance have some time on your hands, you can kick up you heels by sitting outside and soaking in the sun for a few short […]

  • All Things Buttons With Shailene Woodley

    Three guesses. What do the Fault in Our Stars and Divergent have in common? You got it! Shailene Woodley. Yes, she acts in these hugely popular movies. Although she may be hesitant to agree that her acting skills are superb, we all know her name will stick around the showbiz world for another while. George Clooney even thinks we will be seeing Shailene Woodley for the next 40 years and that she “has so […]

  • Calling All Guys: Scrub Tips Just For You

    Guys – this one is for you. I know what you’re thinking, “Fashion tips for men? I’ll pass.” But hey, potato sacks should not be worn by anyone – and that includes scrub wearers of the male gender. So if you’re still reading, just read on. You’ll be happy you did. Promise. Some guys wear scrubs and some guys well, rock scrubs. I have seen both and rocking scrubs undoubtedly gets the most favorable […]

  • The Scrubs & Aging Connection

    Aging beautifully seems like an oxymoron. I mean, really? How good can you look when you’re just – excuse my French – sagging? Yeah, there are plenty of anti-aging creams and potions from here to Honolulu, but few of us actually believe in them. And maybe rightfully so! Many have tried anti-aging moisturizers, wrinkle fighting cleansers and skin rejuvenation scrubs with seemingly little or no difference at all. Yet with just one look at […]

  • OWN Your Scrubs: Oprah Winfrey Inspires

    Ever feel like you’re trying so hard but are just not making it? Well let me tell you a story. We’ve all heard her name and know how kind she is. The name Oprah Winfrey sells for itself. Winfrey is an inspiration, an icon and essentially a hero. Coming from potato-sack-wearing poverty, and having gone through multiple abuses during her childhood, and then losing her child as a teen mom, Oprah came out a […]

  • Floral & Flair Versus Solid & Square

    Funny how fashion trends work. Prints used to be so out. Like so super out. Just a few years ago we were living by the saying ‘the more simple and plain the outfit, the better’. Now however, prints and frills are making a grand comeback! Perhaps the reason why fads keep coming back ‘round is because of the freshness the style offers on its return. Or maybe the logic behind styles doing an encore […]

  • It’s a Murse World with Colton Haynes

    If I would do a celebrity #MCM, it would definitely be a hard choice. (For those of you who are not up with Twitterverse and Insta-space – that’s Man Candy Monday.) But it would most likely be Colton Haynes. I mean just his looks! It must be quite intimidating standing next to him. Colton is known for his anatomically symmetrical face. I guess in other words that would mean perfect. Um hello? Is that even […]

  • Jazz Up Your Scrubs With Some Embroidered Detail

    This must happen to all of us. Any of you confuse the personality of a fictional TV character with the personality of the actual actor? I mean, I still think Mandy Moore is God’s gift to humanity from the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ back in 2002. So it’s really not surprising that Lena Headey has had hateful comments hurled at her like “OMG, you’re so evil!”, or even being called some four-letter words […]

  • That Time of Year Again! New Scrubs for the Seasons

    We know it. You’re feeling bla and over your old scrubs. They’ve been washed and worn countlessly, they already look kind of drab on your face, and you’re even bored of wearing the same colors. (Yeah, we’re cool like that, we know what you’re thinking.) It’s a brand new season of sun and gaiety and we all want to feel that change! It’s the classic time to freshen up. Spring cleaning your scrubs is […]

  • Raise Your Glass! It’s the Moto Jacket

    Let’s be real honest here for a moment. There are not very many celebrities who would readily admit that their lives are not the glamorous joy ride we all think they’re on. They play the game. And they do it well. Next thing you know, the celebrity couple who just flashed their lovey-dovey smiles, is done and out with their relationship. That’s when we remember – “Oh yeah, they’re human too!” P!nk is too […]

  • Blue Scrub Action

    Who better to wear the color blue than nurses? According to color gurus, blue is the color of calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation. Ok, the end. No more explanation needed. Oh, you insist on an explanation? Alright, let’s just say that if you’ve never experienced chaos before, you’re probably not a nurse. We may not want to admit it, but the periodic (or not so periodic) tumult is not only because […]

  • It’s Floral and You Know It

    Spring has come, look out there’s the sun! Oh oops, that’s not the sun – well umm it’s supposed to be there. Okay then, I guess I’ll patiently wait for its arrival. While I wait though, we ought to bring the spring festivities up a notch, celebrate and dress as though spring weather has actually arrived. Shall we? It has come to that point of desperation where I’ll actually fake it until we make […]

  • Jamie Anderson, Black & White, & The Love of Nurses

    Now that Spring is officially here, we can talk about snowboarding effortlessly. The snow is melting (or should be!), so talking about winter sports is a thing of distant memory, free of the frigid pain that is associated with it. For those of you who kept your eyes peeled on the Sochi Olympics this winter know very well that slopestyle snowboarding ranked one of the hardest sports in 2014. Bobsledding, pair figure skating, and […]

  • The Bachelor Roundup: Clare Crawley Vs. Tenley Molzahn

    With all The Bachelor talk going on, I just couldn’t resist. While Tenley Molzahn didn’t leave with half as much drama as Clare Crawley did, they were both runner-up, if you will. Tenley was last to be eliminated by pilot Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor 2010 and it happened without much controversy. Yeah, it was heart-breaking but still bearable. Clare Crawley on the other hand, had quite the blow-up when Juan Pablo (aka Mr. […]

  • Red Carpet Recap: Hot Looks from Last Night

    Where to begin about Oscar’s night? So many highlights in last night’s 2014 Academy Awards! Like Ellen Degenres’ side-splitting monologue, for example. Or even Jared Leto’s beautiful acknowledgement to victims of AIDS while speaking about the movie “The Dallas Buyers Club”. How about the rare mention of God in Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech? He was one of the few Oscar winners that mentioned God when he accepted the gold Oscar trophy into his own […]

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