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‘Little’ Fashion Makes Big Statement

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Nurse Reads | 0 comments

Marsai Martin

I don’t have time to watch movies. Fact of life. Do I allow myself the luxury every now and then? Yes. But it’s got to be worth it. Little, in my opinion, is worth it! Before you run off and tell your besties, I’ve got to make a disclaimer. I have not watched it yet. In fact, it was just released; as in like a few days ago. Long story short, I stumbled across the trailer during a late-night YouTube binge, laughed straight through it, and decided then and there that I will find the time to watch this movie come what may. Oh, and I also then googled the movie and came across photos from the L.A. premiere, which inspired me to write this post. The end. Of my story, that is. Now on to the important stuff:)

Before I tell you about my favorite look of the night, I need to tell you what this movie is about in a nutshell. Jordan, a tech mogul, who for lack of a better word, ‘tortures’ her assistant, April, goes to sleep the night before a super important presentation, and magically transforms into a 13-year old version of herself. She is now forced to rely on April, except April can’t seem to stop herself from treating Jordan like a teenager with a major attitude problem. Hilarious. I promise you!

Now get this. Marsai Martin plays ‘little’ Jordan. Marsai Martin is 14 years old. Marsai Martin is also the PRODUCER of this movie. Yup, you heard that right. This movie was her brainchild. *Mindblown* And one more thing… Marsai Martin had my favorite look of the night. She wore a gorgeous, custom, chiffon gown by Pamella Rowland, that featured layers of cascading ruffles, a cute silhouette, and a stunning coral color. Marsai finished off her look with a pulled back hair do boasting a gold thread running through it, gold sandals, some pink eyeshadow and a swipe of lip gloss. Fresh, age appropriate, and totally not overdone; this look received an A++ in my books.

As it turns out, ruffles aren’t a thing when it comes to medical scrubs. Neither is chiffon. However, coral is! And boy have I found you ladies a coral piece! Barco One makes a v-neck scrub top in the most stunning shade of coral you ever did see. And it’s aptly called Coral Reef. It’s also an impeccable match to the shade of Martin’s incredible gown. It’s super springy, so fresh and a must have for your scrubs wardrobe. Go ahead and pair it with the matching scrub pants or mix and match. No pressure here; except you gotta go coral!

P.S. The scrub model looks like Meghan Markle. Yes, I needed to point that out.


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