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Nurses Week In The Midst Of A Pandemic

by | May 6, 2020 | Nurse Reads | 0 comments

Happy Nurses Week Isolated

Who would of thunk?! It’s ironic, really. WHO declared 2020 The Year of the Nurse annnnd here we are. It most certainly is THE Year of the Nurse. And what happens when The Year of the Nurse and Nurses Week collide? Well, I guess it’s something like having your 10th wedding anniversary and 30th birthday fall out all in one! In other words; major presents expected. Nurses, though, are unlike any other breed. While they deserve the sun, the moon, and the stars, they ask for nothing! Nada, zero, zilch. We, as the general public, though, recognize that we couldn’t function as a society without our brave nurses, particularly during these bizarre and trying times. So, dear nurse, while there is no way to truly compensate for what you do for mankind, if your friends ask you what they can do for you and your coworkers as a token of appreciation and in celebration of Nurses Week, here’s an idea list you’ll want to have handy. And if you’re a non-nurse stalking the nurse blogosphere for ways to treat your greatest friend; you’ve come to the right place:) Read on!

1. Give a nurse a shout out on social media. It takes a minute of your time and shows an exhausted, underpaid nurse that someone cares.

2. Send them money. Venmo, PayPal, and the likes make it super easy for you to support a nurse. So many people are struggling financially these days; nurses included. And yes, everyone’s few dollars can help alleviate the burden. Even if they aren’t struggling, it can still serve as a token of appreciation and can be used on a little something extra they otherwise wouldn’t necessarily treat themselves with.

3. Arrange for food to be delivered to a nursing unit. You’ll definitely have to make sure this is cleared with management because of all the regulations currently in place, but bottom line is, nurses need to eat! Be it lunch, supper, or anything in-between; a delicious, fresh meal is bound to go a long way and give its recipients the energy to keep saving lives.

4. Shop for a nurse. Genius, huh?! Chances are your favorite nurse has been so bogged down that doing her own shopping for groceries and essentials has taken a back seat. Do it for her and leave it by her door with a sweet note.

5. Donate supplies. If you happen to be in possession of any sort of PPE, donate, donate, donate! Healthcare workers will be ecstatic!

6. STAY HOME. Remember, despite their superhero status, nurses are human and have experienced the horrors of this virus. They want this to end probably more than you do; so, do the responsible thing and stay home. If not for your own sake, then for theirs.

It’s been quite a year so far, and if anyone deserves a full week in their honor it’s those brave men and women who scrub-in every day! And for that, we here at MSC would like to say THANK YOU!!


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