Nursing School Supply List

Set Of School Items. Cartoon Objects And Supplies Include: Books

So temps have been dropping out here in Jersey. Not sure if it’s just a fluke or if summer is really on its way out the door. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for some hazy, hot, beach days, but my local Target is telling me to give up the notion; what with all those Back to School signs around every bend. And you know what they say. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Which is why after much procrastination on my part, I’ve compiled a school supply list for all you nursing students headed back to school this fall. Keep in mind that these are my top picks… Feel free to add your own favorites!


The stethoscope. It is literally the #1 tool you will need in nursing school and beyond. In fact, you will be so attached to this thing, don’t be surprised if you name it and care for it like an actual child. True story. Here’s the thing. They’re not cheap. But it’s worth it to splurge on a Littmann. A particular favorite over here at MSC, is the Littmann Cardiology IV. Like I said, it ain’t cheap, but it’s a powerful piece, plus Littmann has a fantastic warranty. (7 years for this particular model!)


Scissors are just one of those things that you need. Plain and simple. Stick them in your pocket and call it a day. Just make sure you have them at all times because you never know when you may need to whip them out and you do not want to be that annoying person constantly borrowing from the fellow right next to you.

Pen Light

It’s unbelievable how something so small and so cheap can be so absolutely essential. Penlights are just the right size to carry around and are great in medical examinations or to do a pupil test. You can even purchase disposable ones if you’re prone to losing pens and all things similarly related😉

Compression Socks

Here are the statistics. The average American walks about 2.5-3 miles during the course of an 18-hour day. Nurses on the other hand, walk an average of 4-5 miles during a single shift. Please, please, PLEASE be kind to your feet and get yourself a couple of pairs of compression socks. It may not seem like a big deal, but compression socks actually help prevent varicose veins by regulating the pressure in your legs. And guess what?? There are so many fun colors and patterns to choose from! And of course, for the more traditional among you, there are your classic solids. Get on it, girl! You’ll make your feet happy!

ScrubCheats Cards

These cards are EH-VUH-REE-THING!! Trust me! They are the perfect pocket size, laminated (oh hey there, serial coffee spiller!), come on a ring so that you can take out what you don’t need, color coded, and contain literally every reference you can possibly need. And if you already own a set, buy one for your friend, roommate, classmate… anyone!! These cards are 100% necessary.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide

This handy little book is the perfect portable reference tool for diagnosing patients and charting out an effective care plan them. It’s short, sweet, and to the point, and comes highly recommended. A must have for new nurses to be.


Papers galore! It’s a thing, and you’ve got to just go with it. But at least make sure to have yourself a handy dandy clipboard to keep it all sorted. The great thing about many nursing clipboards is that they come with references printed straight on the board. Kind of like a cheat sheet.

And that’s it my friends! If you have any other nursing school supplies must-haves, hit me up in the comments. Oh, and I feel like it’s self explanatory that you should get yourself a nurse’s bag. Right?? If it’s not, then here it is. Get yourself a nursing bag and make sure it’s packed at all times so that you can grab it and go. You’re welcome!

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