School Is In!!

Back to school and happy time! Apple, pile of books and pencils

Spankin’ new notebooks at the ready? A stack of books that weighs more than you do? Scrubs all ironed out? Well then, you must be either starting nursing school or heading back there after the loooong (jk, that was a joke!) summer break. Easing into, or back into, school mode, particularly nursing school mode, doesn’t have to be too hard. For some real life, honest to goodness, school survival tips, keep reading!

Make Friends

No, I’m not your mom. But making friends in nursing school is crucial to making it through until the end. If you’re returning to school you probably already established a core group of friends. If you’re a newbie, know this… The students in your classes today are most likely the same students who will follow you through the entirety of the program. Get to know them. Well! They’re great for support, studying, plain ole’ friendship, and let’s face it, venting sessions;)

Communication is Key

Forge a relationship with your professors. You will have questions; MANY questions! Coasting by is not an option. In fact, if you get the feeling that the professors in your program are uninvolved and are simply there to teach and then move on with their day, I’d suggest you find a new program ASAP! Not ‘if,’ but ‘when’ the situation arises in which you’re unclear about specific subject matter, you need to be able to communicate with your professor so that you’ll have the ‘best’ someone to help you out.

Learning Methods

Not everyone’s brains are wired the same way. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Truth is, chances are you’re going to survive nursing school. But will you thrive??? By figuring out how your brain operates best, you will ensure that you not only survive, but thrive! Are flash cards you’re thing? Well then, you better stock up on loads and loads of them. Does putting all the information you’ve learned to a tune do the trick?? Then I want to hear you belting out songs at every study session. Or maybe you’re one of those who simply needs to read his/her notes five times out loud to get the material to ‘stick.’ Bottom line is, you’ve got to do YOU for optimal results!


You’ll be working way too hard to expend any extra energy on lost assignments or notes. And trust me when I say, it happens, and it’s awful! Extra flash drives are great, but I wouldn’t settle for just that. Have a hardcopy for everything you hand in to your professor. When disaster strikes you will be on your hands and knees crying real tears of thanks and blessing me!!

Bottom line is, you will all survive nursing school, you will all pass the NCLEX, and you’ll all land wonderful jobs, and you will also realize that it’s actually easier to be a nurse than to be a nursing student. How’s that for a light at the end of the tunnel? So best of luck to all you first time nursing students, as well as returning nursing students. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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