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Selena Slays in Color-block

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Landau Scrubs, Nurse Reads | 0 comments

Selena Gomez

All those that grew up reading Dr. Dolittle, say Aye!! Well… so have I! Ahhhh, the memories… Dr. John Dolittle was the brilliant figment of Hugh Hasting’s imagination and serves as the central character in the Dr. Dolittle series. A kind but eccentric physician, who shuns human patients in favor of animals once he realizes he can converse with them, Dr. Dolittle proceeds to travel the globe to better understand the nature and history of the wonderful world we live in. It’s a grand ole’ time, really… a world you want to get lost in. Which can mean one thing; cha-ching!! That’s right, big screen here we come! In fact, there were several major motion pictures inspired by the books’ popularity. However, what I’m here for today, is the latest one. It’s called rather simply, Dolittle, and based on the trailers I’ve seen, it looks incredible!!

First and foremost, the lineup of actors and actresses in this film, is UH-MAZING! Robert Downey Jr., (rather brilliantly), takes on the titular role of Dr. Dolittle, and shares the screen with the likes of Michael Sheen, Antonio Banderas etc… But that’s merely the live action end of things. This movie has an entire animated aspect to it as well, and the animated roles are played by equally BIG industry names. Hello, John Cena, Emma Thompson, Octavia Spencer etc. But you know who else lends her voice to this magical movie?? Selena Gomez! Yup, she plays Betsy, a friendly giraffe. Now you really want to catch this movie on the big screen, don’t you?!

Alright, alright people… I do apologize for taking all that time to segue into the red-carpet moment I know you’re waiting for. I just got a tad nostalgic… and yeah, here we are. The wait is over, though! Last week was the LA premiere of Dolittle, and SelGo woke up, dressed up, showed up… and left us all shook. The end. Seriously though, her look was absolutely FLAWLESS! The 27 year old pop star rocked a color block Givenchy fall 2019 couture gown that featured a beautiful and bold, black, high waisted skirt on bottom, and a gorgeous, pastel pink, ribbed, semi sheer, sweater bodice with long sleeves and a high neck that gave it that extra touch of class. Her hair was pulled back into a neat bun and parted flat down the middle, and to offset the severity of her hair-do, she kept her makeup natural and dewy. Selena accessorized with hanging diamond earrings and a wild moon ring, both by Messika Paris. Have a look at the photo, folks, there’s no denying that this was definitely a Top 10 for Selena!

Such an incredible ensemble, and you can have it too. Quite easily as well. Pink top, black bottoms, and done! Part your hair down the middle and pull it into a low bun and you’ve really got the look nailed! For my personal picks, though, keep reading… ScrubZone by Landau makes a v-neck scrub top in a nearly identical shade of pink as Selena’s sweater. The color is actually called pink, and it’s a great basic. It features 2 large pockets, a cellphone pocket and a hidden accessory tape in the right pocket. Pair it with the ScrubZone by Landau flared leg scrub pants in black, which feature a drawstring front and 3 pockets, and you can call it a day, ladies!

P.S. Selena has a new album out; her first in four years. So yeah, we’ll chat some more once I finish listening to it. Ttyl:)


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