Summer Staycation

nurse meditating on beach

Everyone needs a vacation. Period. You go too long without one… you crash and burn. Or to be more accurate, you end up sprawled on your couch in days old pj’s crying a river over a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. True story. Bottom line is, life is full of stressors. And if we don’t take time to decompress, we suffer, and the people around us suffer. Let’s take you for instance, the happy-go-lucky nurse. If you don’t take a step back and do something for you; something that will allow you to take a break from your life and particularly your job as a nurse, which is quite high on the stress-o-meter, YOU. WILL. EXPLODE! It may happen subtlety, but you’ll see. You suddenly won’t have that drive anymore, your patients won’t experience the same level of care they were once used too, and it’ll be all because you didn’t take the time to do YOU!

So now that I’ve painted a really grim picture of what life without a vacation looks like, let’s talk vacation or staycation. A vacation is lovely. Grand, in fact. But when you need that quick pick-me-up, a staycation is the way to go. It can be totally impromptu, cheap (or even free!), and it’s an overall calmer experience. And there are SO many options in the summertime. So what to do??

Amusement Parks

You say no, I say yeeees!!!! Unfortunately, adults don’t get to experience the thrills amusement parks, and waterparks for that matter, have to offer. But honestly, these are the perfect places for letting go of all your stresses. Get on that crazy roller coaster and scream on top of your lungs, zoom down that water slide and feel your tension wash away. And of course, laugh without abandon. So what if you’re 35 and not 16?! No one cares and neither should you!

Concerts and Shows

Ok, so the whole wild amusement park thing isn’t for you. I get it! How about a concert, though? Or a show? You can go big and wait for your favorite artist to headline in an arena near you; you know, Taylor Swift style. Those are always chock full of energy and can leave you invigorated for days. Or you can go more low key if that suits you better; see a musical or play, or watch your local homegrown band in your neighborhood park.

Outdoor Activities

Some people are the outdoorsy type and thrive on hikes and sports and anything that requires them to stay active. Me? Not so much… But for all you super fit people who get a thrill out of biking 20 miles up hill in 100 degree weather, well, this one’s for you I guess. Go for a hike at your closest state park, rent a bike or a canoe, go fishing, dust off that tennis racket, or just go to the beach… If just being outdoors gets you, then go for it, and spend the day doing what you love!

Be a Tourist In Your Own City

I love this one! I grew up in New York. And guess what? I’ve never been to the Empire State building. No jokes. No matter where you live, there are always people who come to your neck of the woods to visit an attraction, be it a museum, historical site, or place of entertainment, that you’ve never been to. Seems weird, but it’s all too common. So go ahead and find your own Empire State building this summer!

Now that I’ve given you my ideas, sound off below and share yours!! After all, sharing is caring:) Happy staycation!

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