The Duchess Wows In White


Kate Middleton wore my dress. I repeat: KATE MIDDLETON wore my dress! Well…it’s my sister’s dress to be perfectly honest. But you know how it is with sisters; her closet kinda means ‘my closet,’ soooooo…. I’m feeling pretty cool:) Closets aside, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, made a mind-blowingly gorgeous arrival at the London premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob; a film which benefits Action On Addiction, a philanthropic organization aimed at providing outreach and treatment to those battling addiction. Might I mention, Kate has been an active patron of this worthy cause since 2012. You expected nothing less from her, huh? *sigh* Perfect people…

In case you missed it, I used a pretty strong adjective a few sentences back. Mind-blowingly. I told you she made a mind-blowingly gorgeous entrance, and now I intend to give you the details of that mind-blowingly gorgeous entrance. Never mind the good looks and luscious locks; those you can’t necessarily have, sadly enough. Her ensemble, though, was literally draw dropping. Jaw. Dropping! Now like I said, that dress is currently hanging in my sister’s closet, and yet seeing it on a real life princess, kind of made me get all teary eyed. Kate’s off-white colored dress by Self Portrait Studio features a bodice and long sleeves made of the most beautiful guipure lace. It’s finished off with a floral motif high neck, and a grosgrain ribbon at the waist. The bottom meanwhile, boasts a fully pleated, crepe skirt, with an uh-mazing thigh high slit! And can we talk about her red, poppy pin for a moment?? How absolutely regal! Gotta love these royals!

Here’s the thing. If you feel like going all Kate Middleton on shift, please do! A nursing uniform doesn’t necessarily have to mean scrub pants and a typical scrub top. In fact, I’ve got the perfect Kate inspired look for you. Think lace effect tee and scrub skirt! Cherokee Workwear makes a fabulous long sleeve knit underscrub tee that has a burnout floral design reminiscent of lace ala Kate Middleton’s dress. And it comes in white. Score! Pair it with the super chic and super practical Grey’s Anatomy 2-pocket A-line wrap skirt and voila, you’ve got that royal look down pat. See, anyone can look like a princess. Even an exhausted, overworked nurse;)

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