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Trick or…Trouble?

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Healthy & Happy, Holiday Cheer, Seasonal Scrubs | 0 comments

Halloween Safety Checklist To Keep Kids And Home Safe From Liabi

I’ve confirmed it; with my weather app, that is. Fall is here to stay! And while you may be thinking pumpkin spice lattes, cozy Uggs, and cute sweaters, I’m thinking… BOO!! That’s right; I’ve got Halloween on my mind! Now you do too:)

Halloween is great fun for the kiddies, but who are we fooling?? Kids + pounds of sugar disguised as innocent treats + costumes + a twilight adventure on the streets = there’s a very good chance one of those little humans is going to land up in the ER! You and I both know it doesn’t have to be that way, though. I want you and your loved ones to remain safe and sound this Halloween, by focusing on the 3 main reasons why children tend to end up in the hospital.

Eye Injuries

What do knights, ninjas, and pirates have in common?? Swords! And then there are those costumes that come along with wands, sticks and the likes. Obviously, you should try and steer clear of such get-ups, but I get it! It’s hard to tell a child, ‘no, you can’t be blank,’ and it’s also hard (as well as pretty useless!) to tell a child, ‘sorry, dear, but we can only do this costume minus that dangerous thing you’ve been brandishing in the air…’ What you can do, though, and what you are obligated as a parent to do, is create an awareness. By reiterating numerous times how dangerous these objects can be if they come in contact with someone’s eyes, your child is more likely to handle his sword/wand/sharp object with care.

On the same token, colored contacts have become quite popular among costumers. Unless you get them from a doctor, though, avoid them. They’ve been known to cause corneal ulcers.

Street Shenanigans

Crossing at crosswalks, waiting for walk signals, and walking on sidewalks are not just for the day time. Seriously, though! People tend to forget that safety protocol exists on Halloween. Case in point: a second leading cause of Halloween hospitalizations involves car collisions. SO- cross at the corner, stay on the sidewalk, don’t dart between houses and cars, and if you’re wearing a dark costume use a reflector strip or carry a flashlight with you so that you’re visible to motorists. And if there are no sidewalks where you’ll be trick or treating, be sure to walk against traffic.

Costume Hazards

Most costumes are flammable. That’s the bottom line. And many children end up in the ER on Halloween with burn related injuries. So beware of costumes with loose components like capes, or baggy costumes. All it takes is a jack-o-lantern sitting innocently on someone’s porch to set your child’s long sleeve or hem on fire.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just kids at risk for hospitalizations on Halloween. Adults tend to be admitted for alcohol related injuries, as well as- get this- injuries as a result of pumpkin carving! Yup, turns out lacerations are quite popular on Halloween.

Have fun, stay safe and we’ll be here decked out in our finest Halloween scrubs just in case you need our services! Happy Halloween!


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