When Medicine and Military Meet

Soldier And Doctor Shaking Hands With Flag On Background - Unite

What do beaches, barbecues, and brave souls have in common? Memorial Day; obviously! Might I suggest, though, that it’s all beaches and barbecues, because of those incredibly brave souls? Proud Americans, much like ourselves, took to the battlefields and gave up their lives so that those back home can live in peace. These are the heroes we celebrate on Memorial Day, and these are the people to whom we owe the wellbeing of this great country. What most individuals tend to forget though, is that those camo-clad soldiers we idolize, don’t go to war alone. They are accompanied by military nurses every step of the way. The soldier fights, and the nurse does what nurses do best; saves lives.

The question begs to be asked. Why join the Army Nurse Corp? To date the Army Nurse Corp consists of over 11,000 men and women. What are the benefits of joining this elite group, and is it for YOU?

Money Matters

So there’s this little thing called a student loan. Heard of it? Yeah, I thought so. So it turns out that by joining the military, you can make this ‘little thing’ go away faster. There are actually programs that will offset the cost of tuition if you commit to serving in the military as soon as you graduate. If you’re real ambitious, and would like to further your education after already entering the military, you may very well be eligible for funds towards an advanced degree, or a tuition break. Plus, you’ll be earning a salary at the same time. Cha-ching!

And once we’re on the topic of salaries, would you believe me if I told you that by moving through the ranks you can ultimately earn a salary competitive with that of an army physician. Your advancement up the totem pole will obviously depend on your level of education and your job performance, but hey, the incentive is definitely there!

Where In the World Is…

This is for all you wannabe globe trotters. The world is literally at your fingertips. All you’ve got to do is….become a military nurse! Seriously, though. If travel is your thing, you can fulfill your military nursing duties in other parts of the country, or even the world. And here’s the clincher- your housing and travel expenses would be paid for by none other than good ole Uncle Sam.

Homebody much? The military may be able to help you purchase a home to call your own, be it by offering very low mortgage rates, or the option of no money down.

Resume Ratings

In the event that you do choose to end your career with the military and scrub back in to civilian life, know that you’ll have a killer resume. Military nurses are known for their incredible discipline and unique techniques, which is what makes them extremely valuable to medical institutions looking to hire. Plus, the higher your military rank upon exiting the army, the more attractive you are to potential employers.

So will it be a career in the military for any of you nurses out there? Yay or nay?

Oh, and whether you’ll be scrubbing in this Memorial Day or hitting up the beaches, a very happy Memorial Day to you!

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