• Go Gold for Childhood Cancer

      Makayla Marie Gonsalves was three years old when she began complaining of headaches, followed by vomiting. A trip to an Urgent Care clinic, followed by the ER and a CAT scan revealed the devastating news: Makayla had a rare form of cancer called medullomyblastoma. Being an aggressive malignant tumor, it would require chemo and radiation after it was removed surgically. What followed was two long years in and out of the hospital as […]

  • Communicating with the Deaf and Hearing Impaired in a Healthcare Environment

    I am a communicator. I love to teach and to explain, and writing is my passion. So it was the ultimate irony when my child was diagnosed with severe hearing loss, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. You learn to expect a certain degree of difficulty when communicating in certain settings, but the one place we want to feel safe and understood is in the healthcare environment. It is important […]

  • Military Memorial Day New

    He walked in that first day with the telltale ramrod straight back, tightly laced boots, and fully dressed in his camo. Steve was one of our instructors during our EMT course, and he was also an army medic. Our best instructor, Steve was everything a child dreams of in a soldier – smart, courageous, sharp, and tough. He knew his stuff cold, having worked in dangerous combat situations, and he expected a lot. As […]

  • Autism Awareness and Communication in Healthcare

      This week I finished reading the book, “Love Anthony”, by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Genova. How apropos, as April is Autism Awareness month. The book explores the perspectives of Anthony, a non-verbal autistic boy, Olivia, his mother who is struggling to cope with losing him, and Beth, the woman who tells his story. It is a tale of moving on and setting oneself free from the demons of the past, but […]

  • Book Review of a Medical Mystery – Suicide Med

    You’re looking for a quick, light read, with a focus on mystery, a hint of chick flick, and enough gross anatomy to keep you from feeling like your brain is rotting. We’ve found the book for you – Suicide Med. Suicide Med is the latest book released by Freida McFadden, in which she departs from her previous style and forays into the world of fiction. The story is fast-paced, and is told through the […]

  • Liquid Web: The Hosting Company That Helps Us Help You

    Medical Scrubs Collection has taken the time to review Liquid Web’s incredible hosting services, which enable us to provide our customers with the optimal user experience while they navigate our site. Read on for the full review: “We utilize a dedicated Windows server with Liquid Web’s ‘fully managed’ plan to host multiple sites. Liquid Web was instrumental in assisting with our site migration a few years ago, and as we are working on migrating […]

  • Let’s Trade: Your Nurse Story for a Lululemon Hoodie!

    So you want to know what made me decide to become a nurse. There are days when I ask myself that same question over and over, banging my head against the wall all the while. But the truth? It wasn’t for the glamour and it definitely wasn’t for the money. One of my greatest inspirations in life was a nurse who cared for me as a child when I was hospitalized for a long […]

  • A Tote Bag for the Seasons

      Nurses need lots of stuff. Fact. If you know how to travel light I envy you, but on a day-to-day basis I need nurse stuff, mommy stuff, and me stuff in easy reach at all times. That adds up to a lot of baggage, and it’s a tall order finding a bag that is large enough to hold all my essentials without looking style-challenged. For a ridiculously stylish tote bag that is great […]

  • Polka Dots! Disney Scrubs and a Disney Party Dress

        Leah Remini has been making headlines lately for many reasons. Her decision to compete on Season 17 of Dancing with the Stars and her recent split from the church of Scientology have been generating tons of buzz, emphasized by the fact that she’s willing to tell all. Stating that she lost many friends in the process, Leah is being applauded by many for her decision to leave the controversial church, and she’s […]

  • Bold and Embroidered: Red Scrubs

        Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian clan, seems to have stumbled upon the ageless potion that everyone else is still seeking. Known as a ‘momager’ who has brought in millions for her girls through their reality TV show, Kris has recently launched her own talk show, “The Kris Show,” and is going strong. At a recent interview with Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos at The Grove to promote her new show, Kris […]

  • Nick Cannon Bringing Color Back to Scrubs for Men

      American Idol, X Factor, The Voice… The list of reality tv shows on the air is endless, as are the many hits and misses. What has been surprising to many has been the rise in popularity of talent show American’s Got Talent, hosted by the likable Nick Cannon. While the competitions are billed to be about finding true talent, let’s not kid ourselves, a large draw that causes people to tune in is […]

  • Accessorize with Color-Blocking

    Color-blocking and neon: it doesn’t get better than that! The latest looks coming off the runway are fun and flirty, with shocking neon colors and lots of color blocking for a slimming effect. I love that you don’t have to shell out big bucks for the latest styles; more mainstream retailers are doing justice to the color-blocking with their latest looks for fall. Check out this awesome leather cross-body bag from Gap. It has […]

  • Accessory Idea! Stud Earrings and Medical Scrubs

    I know I’m not the only one who has a bone of contention to pick with management about the restrictions on jewelry at the workplace. One of the few things the stuffy suits do allow virtually everywhere is small earrings, either studs or just off the ear. Get creative with the few allowances you are given! Check out these awesome stud earrings from modcloth.com! Titled “You bow what I want” they have a vintage […]

  • Accessory Idea! Tiger Print Watches

    It’s a wild, wild jungle we work in! Don’t even think of jinxing those moments of peace by saying, “It’s quiet today,” because say the word andyou’re doomed. Some days unwinding takes ten minutes of sitting down with a cold drink. Sometimes it takes fifteen minutes of checking Facebook. And then there are those days when the only way to relax is with some online retail therapy. There’s nothing like purchasing a cool new […]

  • How To: Pack a Healthy Lunch for Work

    It’s back to school time! That means your Pinterest feed is flooded with creative lunchboxes that make you question your skills as a Mom. Combined with the current craze in healthy eating habits, packing a healthy lunch is a must. As a medical professional you know the advantages of eating foods that are rich in protein and many other essential nutrients. Packing a healthy lunch for work will allow you to fit into your […]

  • How To: Look Great with a Minimal Amount of Makeup

    As nurses you need to uphold certain standards, one of which includes makeup that resembles your natural appearance. The understanding behind this is you need to uphold a modest persona, one that was established years ago and continues today. By now you’ve realized that in this profession you end up  interacting with various people from all different walks of life. With little or no makeup you should surely be able to relate to them […]

  • How To: Wash Medical Scrubs

    Washing medical scrubs thoroughly in a way that will fully remove stains, while maintaining the original quality of the garment is an art! In order to get maximum wear out of a scrub set it’s a good idea to develop a washing technique that maintains color, while removing dirt and stains. Here are some tips to assist you on laundry day: It is best to wash your scrubs before wearing them for the first […]

  • How To: Study for your NCLEX Exams

    Okay, so your NCLEX exam is coming up and your mind is going crazy with nerves and anxiety. You are worried because this is your chance to show the world, and the exam association, that you are capable of being a great nurse! You are ready to put your skills to good use and help everyone you can. Here are some ideas for you to use when studying for your exams: Take review classes. […]

  • How To: Maintain a Professional, yet Personal Relationship at Work

    Professionalism in the workplace is very important. As a nurse, you have superiors that you must listen to and respect at all times. Impudence will only get you into trouble, not to mention on their bad side! In a professional capacity it’s imperative to maintain a good relationship with your boss (think bonus!) At the same time, expanding your relationship to mean more than just ‘work’ can make your job more enjoyable and may […]

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