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Celebrate Earth Day With Certainty

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Cherokee Scrubs, Holiday Cheer, News & Promos | 0 comments

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“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

-Walt Kelley (American animator and cartoonist)

We were given a planet; a fresh and beautiful planet filled with trees, flowers, clear blue skies, and gurgling rivers. And yet we rant and rave. About what, you ask? Oh, about everything and anything. This one’s an enemy, that one’s an enemy…in fact, ‘they’ are all enemies. Yet we fail to recognize the ultimate enemy. Ourselves. By virtue of the very way we live our everyday lives, we are slowly but surely destroying the Earth we live upon. So on this Earth Day, let’s work together to protect the Earth from its one, true enemy. Us!

Here at Medical Scrubs Collection, we’d like to put a stop to the self-destruction  of our planet, which is why we are proud to be selling the all new, EPA approved Infinity and Code Happy lines of medical scrubs by Cherokee. Featuring the revolutionary Certainty technology, these two lines of scrubs are bound to give you the peace of mind you need to perform your professional tasks to the best of your ability.

So what exactly is Certainty technology?

  • It is anti-microbial in the sense that it inhibits the growth of bacteria you come in contact with on a daily basis.
  • It effectively minimizes the natural odors your body creates throughout the day, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable all through your shift.
  • It has no bearing on the look or feel of the garment, and will not wash or wear off for the lifetime of the garment.

The Infinity by Cherokee line of medical scrubs in particular is a sportswear inspired line, offering contemporary styling and a modern fit perfect for the performance inclined healthcare professional. This collection boasts a grand total of 7 fresh colors and 6 great styles, allowing you the option to mix and match to your heart’s content.  Four-way stretch provides the ultimate in comfort, while moisture wicking fabrics combined with anti-static and wrinkle free properties ensure that you look your best all day long.  And of course, each and every scrub top, bottom, jacket and lab coat in the collection boasts the Certainty Protection label, so that everyone knows you’re doing your part to help the planet.

Code Happy has a similar vibe to the Infinity line, as it also features contemporary styling, exceptional quality, and functional details. But Code Happy has got something that no other line of scrubs or brand can boast of. It’s the amazing Certainty PLUS option that many of the Code Happy products will come along with. In a nutshell, Certainty PLUS technology features all the same anti-microbial and odor minimizing properties as the standard Certainty technology, but with fluid resistant capabilities as well. The way it works is that the fibers in the fabric are so tightly woven together that when liquid comes in contact with it, tiny whisker-like fibers hold up the liquid and prevent it from penetrating. While this technology is not slated for release until Fall 2015, we do have the facts to prove that it is a reality.

So what exactly is Certainty PLUS technology?

  • It features antimicrobial and odor minimizing properties just like the standard Certainty technology does.
  • Protects against fluid spills and stains, including blood and Betadine.
  • Protects its wearer even after 50 home washes.
  • The breathability, durability, and comfort of the product has not been compromised as a result of its treatment.
  • PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free.

Whether you choose to go to work in Infinity by Cherokee scrubs or Code Happy scrubs, know that you’re doing your part to protect the Earth you walk upon. Happy Earth Day!!






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