Demi Lovato’s Chic Black Jacket

Demetria Lovato, or better known as, Demi Lovato is no longer just a singer, she has risen to be an X-Factor Judge. Alongside Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, Demi is mentoring and judging other budding singers as they try to get their chance at fame and stardom.

Demi has been pretty public about her difficult childhood being bullied, and her struggles with both eating disorders and mental illness. Kudos to her for bringing it all to the light! She has bravely spoken to children and teens about bullying and is taking a stance on anti-bullying. We need more of honesty and vulnerability with our celebrities; to tell us what is really going on. Then we can see that the stars are just like us – humans going through what we call life.

Beautiful inside and out, Demi Lovato, has a completely different look every week on the X-Factor. She just changes it up every time! From hair color, makeup, eyebrows, to her entire get-up, her style is ever changing. It sure makes the show exciting to watch!

Our favorite pick was the time she wore a gorgeous black blazer. Simple yet elegant enough to wear to the Teen Choice Awards. Notice how she simply put the blazer together with a white tee top, a silver chain and gold nails.

We always bring it back to scrubs, ladies! And we think the Wonderwink 7004 black lab coat is the scrub version of Demi Lovato’s black chick jacket. Wear some white scrubs underneath and you can pull her look together too!

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