How To: Choose a Comfortable Nursing Shoe for your Shift

Ever have one of those days when you couldn’t walk another step? Wanted to run and buy one of those expensive foot massagers? Being on your feet all day doesn’t have to mean that you have to suffer! There are loads of comfortable medical shoes out there that comply with the non-slip guidelines most facilities require. Besides, the type of medical shoes you wear will have a great effect on the way you perform at work.

Try and purchase a pair of shoes that will make you feel like you are walking on clouds for your entire shift. They should fit right and be supportive, while looking as great as they feel. Here are a few tips to selecting the best shoes for your work day.

First of all, know your shoe size. Different brands have different ways of calculating their size, whether it’s a European or American nursing shoe. Knowing your size will help when selecting the most comfortable shoe, especially when buying your shoes online. Your shoes should be about 1cm longer than your longest toe. This ensures that you have room available for movement and that your toes do not rub together. If you can’t wriggle your toes the shoes are too tight.

A good idea might be to check out the shoes you already have. If you have a very comfortable pair, try and find a pair that is very close to the model of the one you have. It’s probably better to spend a reasonable amount of money on a good pair of shoes, than to buy cheap shoes that you will likely want to replace in a month. Focus on the quality of the shoe. You want it to be comfortable, but you also need it to be long lasting.

Test the shoes for strong, flexible soles and examine their arch support. In addition to walking several paces around the store, perform nursing movements you normally perform at work, such as crouching and lifting. Moving around in the shoes will allow you to test how well they will perform during work. And don’t forget to always try on both shoes when you shop! Ensure that you are wearing a pair of socks when you try clogs, sneakers or other work appropriate footwear.

You need to have shoes that will work well for those endless days of being on your feet, because as a medical professional you will surely need it! Take care of your feet. Be proactive in maintaining their great ‘foot health’ with strong, beautiful, and most of all, comfortable shoes. Your tootsies will thank you!

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