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Jamie Anderson, Black & White, & The Love of Nurses

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, WonderWink Scrubs | 0 comments

jamie anderson


Now that Spring is officially here, we can talk about snowboarding effortlessly. The snow is melting (or should be!), so talking about winter sports is a thing of distant memory, free of the frigid pain that is associated with it.

For those of you who kept your eyes peeled on the Sochi Olympics this winter know very well that slopestyle snowboarding ranked one of the hardest sports in 2014. Bobsledding, pair figure skating, and the halfpipe were some sports that were named to be easier than snowboarding! For some of you this may be easy to understand but as an avid winter-sport hater, I’ve never tried snowboarding (or even skiing), so this came to me as a huge surprise. Jamie Anderson left no surprises. She glided, jumped and flipped down the slopes freely, eventually winning the first ever gold medal in slopestyle.

Jamie Anderson worked her way up to perfection since she was 9 years old! She spent most of her time in the mountains since then. For her this was doable since she was home-schooled and this allowed for the extra time up there. Raise your hand if you dotingly wrapped toilet paper on your limbs to create makeshift ‘casts’ when you were 9 years old! Pick me, pick me! Shall we say – born to be a nurse?

Funny to think an Olympian would inspire a scrub look, but hey, here it is! Twenty three year old Jamie Anderson kept it clean and simple with her sheer black blouse, black mini-skirt and white blazer. Sharp. Easy. Cool. This look is good for any season – you can never go wrong with black and white. For this look, you probably don’t have to buy any new scrubs. We know you own a set of black scrubs already (creepy, I know), so just mix it up with your white warm-up, lab coat, cardigan, zip up or even hoodie. Told you it was going to be easy!

Have you been dying to be a nurse for as long as you can remember? Relate to creating makeshift casts? Tell us your story, we’d love to hear!


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