Just A Little Bit of Laughs – Amy Poehler

Just say the name and people are already dying from laughter. Amy Poehler. I mean, seriously, the jokes and one-liners she comes up with are side-splitting funny. They just are. Is it the poker-face she maintains when she says them? Maybe her demeanor? Who knows, but whatever it is – it is truly remarkable!

As Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, she is epic. Not only is Amy gorgeous and talented, she is pricelessly hilarious and optimistic. Back in the day, when she rose from featured player to full cast member and then eventually to co-anchor on Saturday Night Live, she was rapidly being recognized for her quick witted humor.

Not to mention her style and class. You will never see Amy Poehler looking passé. Always looking dashing and oh so haute, she does it right. We chose to feature Amy in a simple and sexy royal blue dress. Hot, ain’t it?

Rest assured. You can do it too. With the Dickies Xtreme Stretch super comfy scrub top in the color Royal Blue you can score that look. Ok no, you won’t look like you’re in a curvaceous dress but you’ll be the next best thing. Because not only are these scrubs in available in mod colors, they are fitted. Welcome to 2014 ladies!

So if you’re even in the mood of a knee-slapper, tune into one of Amy Poehler’s works of laughter.

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