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Raise Your Glass! It’s the Moto Jacket

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Smitten Scrubs | 0 comments



Let’s be real honest here for a moment. There are not very many celebrities who would readily admit that their lives are not the glamorous joy ride we all think they’re on. They play the game. And they do it well. Next thing you know, the celebrity couple who just flashed their lovey-dovey smiles, is done and out with their relationship. That’s when we remember – “Oh yeah, they’re human too!”

P!nk is too genuine for that act. What is so refreshing about P!nk, is that she is downright relatable. She is brutally honest like no one else of her caliber. Unlike others, P!nk is not masking her life so we all think it’s all a dandy walk in the park. In many of her songs, as well as in her TV interviews, she’s made it clear that her family and marriage take hard work and it isn’t all hunky dory. Ah, now we’re talkin’! We’ve all have hard times in our lives; this is life.

‘True Love’, ‘F***in’ Perfect’, and ‘Family Portrait’ are some of P!nk’s songs that bring this message home. Keep it up, P!nk! We love your unrelenting authenticity.

On that note, let’s cut to the case. The leather moto jacket Pink wore to the 2014 Fair Oscar Party was hot! Nurses, rest assured – you can look that sultry too. Smitten scrubs are designed with just that in mind: from motorcycle inspired motifs to rock star infused styles, every element of Smitten Scrubs is meticulously designed to offer you contemporary, sassy scrubs.’ Among many of their hip scrubs, the front zip motorcycle jacket is incomparably cool. P!nk’s moto jacket and the Smitten biker jacket both share many trendsetting features – zip-up closure, two pockets, stand collar, and a snug, flattering fit. It’s bound to add pop to anything you wear!


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