Scrubs For All

people wearing scrubs

Once upon a time, only doctors and nurses wore scrubs. Those days are long gone, together with the days of beepers and station wagons (remember those?).

Nowadays, many employees who work in healthcare are required to wear medical scrubs, although they aren’t nurses, and many who don’t work in healthcare wear scrubs, too.

Even regular folks wear nursing scrubs, since they’re so comfortable and easy to wear. Surprising, right? I also think scrubs can be comfy, if you know which ones to buy. I don’t wear them, though, because I’m not a nurse, and, contrary to popular belief, I actually think that medical uniforms are for nurses. Don’t you?

Nowadays, dietary, housekeeping, and many other hospital workers are wearing scrubs. It can get confusing for patients; when there’s no color code, its more difficult to differentiate between the housekeeper and the nurse.

Not all patients can read name badges, and when someone is seen in scrubs, you think nurse. So a receptionist who is walking down the corridor can oftentimes get stopped by a patient for help, but honestly, the best help the receptionist can give is usually a call to the nurse.

Scrubs are not only worn in hospitals: many physical therapists, massage therapists, hairdressers, kennel attendants, and other workers have been spotted in scrubs.

Not all nurses love this new trend; as one nurse puts it: “It really bugs me…. I worked long and hard to be an LPN, and feel that if you are NOT in medicine, you should not wear scrubs.”

“We have all worked hard for our licenses and titles, we want to feel proud to wear those scrubs and be called ‘Nurse.'”

So, although nurses remain the heroes in scrubs, it looks like the world has realized that medical uniforms are a super practical, deliciously comfy clothing choice! What can I say? Like it or not, scrubs are getting popular with people!

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