• Ravishing Reds on the Red Carpet

    Raise your hand if you worked over this holiday weekend. Oh yeah, that’s a lot of you! And just so you know I’m raising my hand too. I went to the doctor today and the receptionists were saying how they had their ‘Monday faces’ on and how they couldn’t believe it was Tuesday. I was just sitting there like “Uh, yeah. I sure know as heck it’s Tuesday!” At least you get me; we’re […]

  • Bold and Beautiful: Mindy Kaling

    Just looking at a picture of Mindy Kaling makes me laugh. Absolutely love her sense of humor! Her sense of style is also stupendous. Seriously. There are blogs about her outfits. Ok, I consider that cool. Mindy Kaling is bold. It’s not like she’s a size 0. And she flaunts it! She wears her clothes with pride and sexiness. Actress Mindy is constantly making an unspoken statement that thin isn’t the only beautiful. Along […]

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