• Stocking Stuffers To Spice Up Your Scrubs

    It’s that time of year of again! The holidays are just around the corner, and while bells are ringing and snowflakes flurrying, you have that tiny niggling voice in the back of your head urging you to think up the perfect gift for your fellow nurses. Oh the joys of gift giving! Not to worry though, this year you will join the ranks of the lucky ones; the ones who know exactly what they’ll […]

  • Accessory Idea! Stud Earrings and Medical Scrubs

    I know I’m not the only one who has a bone of contention to pick with management about the restrictions on jewelry at the workplace. One of the few things the stuffy suits do allow virtually everywhere is small earrings, either studs or just off the ear. Get creative with the few allowances you are given! Check out these awesome stud earrings from modcloth.com! Titled “You bow what I want” they have a vintage […]

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