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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Any Medical Professional In Your Life

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Healthy & Happy, Holiday Cheer, Nurse Reads | 0 comments

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I’ve done this to you once before. In 2017 to be exact. And I do it to myself every single year, since the very first time I joined the ranks of ‘old enough to start gifting others.’ In fact, I’m hard pressed to believe that this will be the case till the end of time. In case you haven’t figured it out, I wait till the very last second to shop for my own friends and family, and I also wait till the very last second to present all you lovely ladies with my carefully (and not at all frantically) curated holiday gift list. In fact, back in 2017, I presented you with this list on Christmas Eve! Sheesh! (And last year there was no gift guide from me at all… I hope you were able to forgive me!) This year, though, we’re doing good; by my standards at least😉 It’s December 22nd. Two points for me!

So here’s the deal. The theme back in 2017 was gifts from the MSC site. Great stuff, still relevant, but y’know, been there done that. Click here to see it, though. You’ll definitely get some good ideas. This year, I’d like to focus on the fun and the (sometimes) frivolous. Here goes.

1. Starbucks Gift Card

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Starbucks?! Certainly no nurse I’ve ever met! A gift card is on theme, shows you care, and can even be sent digitally. Simply choose your design and the amount you’d like to gift your loved one with, add a personal message and voila! Done and dusted in 2 minutes flat!

2. Spa Gift Card

Yup, another gift card. You know why?? Because they’re easy, great gifts! This one’s especially appreciated. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a day at the spa for a medical professional is like heaven on earth. Imagine being pampered. Yes, you! Complete role reversal! Because you deserve it😊 My personal favorite? Hand and Stone. They’ve got locations all over and it’s simply an experience.

3. Phone Sanitizer

Do you ever pick up your phone at the end of your shift, or even in the middle, and feel as if you can actually see the germs dancing across your screen?? I thought so, which is why YOU need a phone sanitizer pronto as does your colleague you’re looking to gift. Amazon has a great one! The PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone sanitizer and universal charger, fits any phone, comes in numerous colors, keeps your phone germ free, and get this- it’ll sanitize anything that fits inside it- not just your phone!

4. Nurse Swag

Everyone has that one nurse friend/colleague/family member who needs a big bag of nurse swag for the holidays. It’s cheesy, it’s fun, and believe it or not is usually quite useful. Head on over to Etsy for a full selection of tees, sweatshirts, mugs, badge reels, keychains etc. So much of it can be personalized which always takes gift giving up a notch, and you usually won’t break the bank going this route.

5. Nurse Coloring Book

Wait, wait, don’t skip over this one. It’s a lot more age appropriate than it appears. Wink, wink. Let’s just say it’s, ‘a totally relatable swear word adult coloring book filled with nurse problems.’ Oh, and the pages tear out so you can frame them all around the nurse’s station. Find the right candidate, and let this gift make them oh-so-happy!

And that my friends, is a wrap! (Get it; wrap, ‘cuz we wrap gifts… Ye it’s pretty late…) Merry Christmas y’all!!


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