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Vanessa Hudgens and Cherokee Runway Scrubs

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Runway | 0 comments

Vanessa Hudgens


I would have loved to be at the Beverly Hills hotel on August 15th. Celebs, smiles and glam is what went down there! Superstars for Hope honored Make-A-Wish in Beverly Hills that night and the brightest stars attended to show their support. Oh and boy did they show!

Vanessa Hudgens made her big entrance in a bronze, green and black Temperley London beautifully detailed dress. Her ombre hair was fashionably tied up in a braid which went impeccably well with the detail on her dress. The 24 year old actress and singer added Simple Black YSL shoes to get  the whole sharp look together. She absolutely pulled off a fab look!

Inspired by the runway, Cherokee has produced a line of chic scrubs, Cherokee Runway. Hard to believe but the 3785CB scrub top is super identical to Vanessa Hudgens’ dress. Without a doubt, the bronze detail is so alike! The circular detail on the sleeves are similar to the polka dots on Vanessa’s mid-length dress. Adding a little more style to the scrub top is the asymmetrical neck, giving it the edge scrubs need. The coloring is so warm and wintery, love it!

Make-A-Wish is a great organization with a noble purpose. Even Vanessa Hudgens made it to the party! To see more about what this organization does, click here.


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