• In October We Think Pink

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nurses don their themed medical uniforms, pink ribbons make an appearance in every mall, grocery store, and car dealership, and we get to use phrases like, ‘Think pink,’ and, ‘Save the ta-tas.’ But what is Breast Cancer Awareness Month really about? It’s an annual campaign organized by major breast cancer charities geared at raising awareness of breast cancer risks, encouraging screening and early detection, and ensuring that […]

  • 8 Things Every Nurse-To-Be Ought To Know:

    Everyone thinks they know what it means to be a nurse. I mean, after all, haven’t we all seen episodes of Scrubs, Nurse Jackie, ER, and the likes? Ahhh…good ole television; we can always count on you to distort and sensationalize reality. Here’s the thing, though, being a nurse is what you see on TV and then some. And then some more. Or should I say, a LOT more. Whether you’re on your way […]

  • Harmonizing in Black

    They go by the name Fifth Harmony. Their fans call themselves Harmonizers. Oh, and they’re just the BIGGEST girl band out there right now! Give it up for Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Ally Brooke Hernandez, and Lauren Jauregui. (Cue the applause!) What I personally L-O-V-E about these girls, aside for the fact that they’re each insanely talented and gaaaaw-geous, is their motto; girl brand before girl band. And as the only girl […]

  • Give it a Shot!

    It’s National Immunization Awareness Month. Yippee! That means we get to debate whether we should or shouldn’t, right? Wrong! We’re certainly not going in that direction, as I do not fancy a hoard of impassioned moms seeking me out to give me a piece of their minds. Nope! Instead, we’re going to take a rather neutral route in honor of this month, by offering tips on how nurses can calm patients before a shot. […]

  • Summer Smarts for Nursing Students

    July may be coming to a close, but you can still use whatever’s left of summer break to your advantage. Academic advantage, that is. Hold up; I didn’t just doom the rest of your summer to stuffy libraries and textbooks. You can still wile your time away at the pool, the beach, your favorite pizzeria etc. In fact, please DO; in moderation, though. While summer is certainly about recharging your batteries so that you […]

  • Top Summer Reads

    If I were asked to describe ‘summer,’ it would go something like this. Sandy beaches and skimpy bikinis… afternoon picnics and pleasant bike rides…tantalizing barbecues and gooey smores…creamy ice cream and ice-cold lemonade… You feeling me?? I’m sure you are. I’m also pretty sure you’re feeling that stethoscope around your neck. *big, fat, audible sigh* Despite the fact that medicine never goes on vacation, keep in mind that summer is not merely a season, […]

  • Interviewing 101

    Graduation season is officially upon us! Which means ceremonies will be conducted, diplomas handed out, and gifts passed around. Ultimately? Dream jobs will be landed. It’s a process, though, that starts with obtaining that initial interview. Between me and you, getting the interview is only half the battle. When you get to that interview, you’ve got to own it, with a capital ‘O.’ It’ll feel like an interrogation, and you know what? It kind […]

  • When Medicine and Military Meet

    What do beaches, barbecues, and brave souls have in common? Memorial Day; obviously! Might I suggest, though, that it’s all beaches and barbecues, because of those incredibly brave souls? Proud Americans, much like ourselves, took to the battlefields and gave up their lives so that those back home can live in peace. These are the heroes we celebrate on Memorial Day, and these are the people to whom we owe the wellbeing of this […]

  • Go Gold for Childhood Cancer

      Makayla Marie Gonsalves was three years old when she began complaining of headaches, followed by vomiting. A trip to an Urgent Care clinic, followed by the ER and a CAT scan revealed the devastating news: Makayla had a rare form of cancer called medullomyblastoma. Being an aggressive malignant tumor, it would require chemo and radiation after it was removed surgically. What followed was two long years in and out of the hospital as […]

  • Communicating with the Deaf and Hearing Impaired in a Healthcare Environment

    I am a communicator. I love to teach and to explain, and writing is my passion. So it was the ultimate irony when my child was diagnosed with severe hearing loss, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. You learn to expect a certain degree of difficulty when communicating in certain settings, but the one place we want to feel safe and understood is in the healthcare environment. It is important […]

  • Military Memorial Day New

    He walked in that first day with the telltale ramrod straight back, tightly laced boots, and fully dressed in his camo. Steve was one of our instructors during our EMT course, and he was also an army medic. Our best instructor, Steve was everything a child dreams of in a soldier – smart, courageous, sharp, and tough. He knew his stuff cold, having worked in dangerous combat situations, and he expected a lot. As […]

  • The Working Mother’s Guilt – New

    Dear Working Mom/Nurse, You know what they say about motherhood and nursing. They are the two most thankless jobs in the world, and yet for some reason, there are people (yes, you!) who choose to do them both! Thankless? Yes; at times. Much of the time, actually. Yet there are priceless moments as well. Moments that make it all infinitely rewarding. When your wee one comes up behind you, grabs you in a bear […]

  • Up and Coming Nurse Blogs You NEED To Know About

    Blog. Funny word when you think about it. But in actuality, it makes perfect sense. First used and subsequently made popular by American blogger, John Barger, the word is merely a contraction of the words ‘web’ and ‘log.’ And this whole blogging thing; well, it’s become a culture of sorts, not to mention a major marketing strategy. Never ones to let an opportunity slip through their fingers, the nurse population has jumped on the […]

  • Healthcare: A Hazardous Industry

    The working class is entrenched in routine. Get up. Go to work. Return home. Go to sleep. Repeat. But what happens when that routine is rudely disturbed? What happens when someone returns home with irreversible physical damage, or even worse- in a body bag? Then what? Well, we tend to chalk it up to a freak accident of sorts. But what happens when there’s an entire industry that has rates of work related injury […]

  • Autism Awareness and Communication in Healthcare

      This week I finished reading the book, “Love Anthony”, by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Genova. How apropos, as April is Autism Awareness month. The book explores the perspectives of Anthony, a non-verbal autistic boy, Olivia, his mother who is struggling to cope with losing him, and Beth, the woman who tells his story. It is a tale of moving on and setting oneself free from the demons of the past, but […]

  • Book Review of a Medical Mystery – Suicide Med

    You’re looking for a quick, light read, with a focus on mystery, a hint of chick flick, and enough gross anatomy to keep you from feeling like your brain is rotting. We’ve found the book for you – Suicide Med. Suicide Med is the latest book released by Freida McFadden, in which she departs from her previous style and forays into the world of fiction. The story is fast-paced, and is told through the […]

  • RN Graduate! Now What?

    So you’ve almost completed that nursing degree! Bet you never knew that two little letters could ever mean so much to you, huh? Sooo…school’s just about over; next stop- easy street! Right? Wrong! I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you thought nursing school was a challenge, wait till you start the job hunt. It’s a whole separate challenge. Looking on the bright side, though, you will get through it. Especially once you […]

  • 5 Things Every Nurse Needs to Have On Hand

    If you think this blog is going to be all about what you need in your nurse purse, guess again! We know that things-nurses-need blogs are plentiful and need no additional mentioning. So we’ll be focusing on what we love to talk about – the unspoken. Another name for Nurses may as well be Selfless. Agree? It’s all about others. Giving to the debilitated. Serving the sick. Go ahead and read all those blog […]

  • 16 Nursing Blogs You NEED To Read

    Dare I say it? Blogs are my guilty pleasure. The good ones, obviously! And I’m not alone in that sentiment. According to WordPress, the most popular blogging platform, over 409 million (!) people view more than 14.5 billion (!!) pages each month. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 31 million bloggers. Talk about strength in numbers!  People view blogs as online journals, which in a certain respect they are. Blogging, however, […]

  • Liquid Web: The Hosting Company That Helps Us Help You

    Medical Scrubs Collection has taken the time to review Liquid Web’s incredible hosting services, which enable us to provide our customers with the optimal user experience while they navigate our site. Read on for the full review: “We utilize a dedicated Windows server with Liquid Web’s ‘fully managed’ plan to host multiple sites. Liquid Web was instrumental in assisting with our site migration a few years ago, and as we are working on migrating […]

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