• Scrubs for Summer!

    Did you all know that it’s officially summer? (Silent happy dance) Now that we’ve established that, we can celebrate by having BBQ’s and going to the beach. Uh no, nurses – they actually celebrate by working endless shifts. Alrighty then, let’s reframe that. So if you do by any odd chance have some time on your hands, you can kick up you heels by sitting outside and soaking in the sun for a few short […]

  • Color Blocking with Sharon Stone

    We’re back with color blocking! Uh correction, Sharon Stone is. There’s never enough to be said about color blocking – color options are virtually endless with scrubs. You can mix it up and be the up and coming celeb on your nurse floor! Seriously, it’s that easy. You just gotta put your mind to it, and Bingo – you’re there. Here’s our Color Blocking for Scrubs 101. Not sure if you know about this, […]

  • Accessorize with Color-Blocking

    Color-blocking and neon: it doesn’t get better than that! The latest looks coming off the runway are fun and flirty, with shocking neon colors and lots of color blocking for a slimming effect. I love that you don’t have to shell out big bucks for the latest styles; more mainstream retailers are doing justice to the color-blocking with their latest looks for fall. Check out this awesome leather cross-body bag from Gap. It has […]

  • Color Blocking and Side Panel Scrubs

    Online shopping and I – we’re best friends. True story. I just love checking out the sales and new seasons styles! And as a bonus, it’s crazy cool how cheap clothing get at the end of the season. Additionally, most websites offer free shipping over a certain order amount. I just can’t help but think ‘who doesn’t love to take advantage of all these fab coupons and promotions?’. Once I’m online, I do my […]

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