• That Time of Year Again! New Scrubs for the Seasons

    We know it. You’re feeling bla and over your old scrubs. They’ve been washed and worn countlessly, they already look kind of drab on your face, and you’re even bored of wearing the same colors. (Yeah, we’re cool like that, we know what you’re thinking.) It’s a brand new season of sun and gaiety and we all want to feel that change! It’s the classic time to freshen up. Spring cleaning your scrubs is […]

  • It’s Floral and You Know It

    Spring has come, look out there’s the sun! Oh oops, that’s not the sun – well umm it’s supposed to be there. Okay then, I guess I’ll patiently wait for its arrival. While I wait though, we ought to bring the spring festivities up a notch, celebrate and dress as though spring weather has actually arrived. Shall we? It has come to that point of desperation where I’ll actually fake it until we make […]

  • Pink Is Hot With Katie Holmes

    Spring shopping is starting, you can see it everywhere! This is the part of the season that I love; it cuts the winter blues short. The holidays are over and all we can possibly think is, “Gah, we got all winter ahead of us!” Surprisingly, before we know it, out comes the spring paraphernalia. And then it feels like winter is remarkably shorter than what we were expecting. Somehow we’re amused at how early […]

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