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Today was the first time in a little while that I opened my front door, and a blast of cool air blew past me. Sweater weather! Yup; fall is upon us in full force! And when I think of autumn, what comes to my mind is hot coffee, cashmere scarves, and cozy scrub jackets.

It’s great that the hospitals are kind of cold, so that the germs stay far away, but every nurse knows that it can get uncomfortably chilly at times. That’s where medical jackets come in.

Today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite women’s scrub jackets that focus on fashion while keeping you cozy and comfortable. So, lean back, take a sip of your Starbucks, and let’s begin!

BWW901 Color Block Warm-Up Scrub Jacket by Barco One Wellness
This nursing uniform jacket is quite popular, with its professional yet fashionable design, and spacious pockets to keep your instruments and accessories inside of.

Careisma scrub jacket
CA302 Women’s Zip Front Scrub Jacket by Careisma
Careisma’s solid scrub jacket is wonderfully warm, as well as tasteful and sleek. The front design is slimming and stylish, while still retaining a professional appearance. This warm-up scrub jacket is available in sizes ranging from Extra Small all the way to 5XL, so you’re bound to find the size that will fit you just right.

scrub jacket
EL310 Elle Bomber Warm-Up Scrub Jacket by Elle Medical Apparel
This scrub jacket is trendy and fun, and slenderizing, as well, and it boasts four pockets with ample space to keep all the things you need on hand. The Elle Bomber Jacket is available in hot red, sharp black, and classic grey colors.

Med Couture Scrub Jacket
8669 Air Touch Women’s Zip-Front Warm Up Scrub Jacket by Med Couture
Deliciously warm, with a touch of class, this scrub jacket has subtle stylish details, yet still gives off professional vibes. It has cozy knit cuffs, and other comfort-enhancing features. There are two pockets in the front, so that you have no need to waste time pulling the zipper open every time you need something from your scrub top; you can just keep it within reach in this proper looking, practical jacket.

Finished your Starbucks yet? Mine’s done, and I’m feeling toasty warm right now. Here’s to a cozy winter for all of us!


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