• The Bachelor Roundup: Clare Crawley Vs. Tenley Molzahn

    With all The Bachelor talk going on, I just couldn’t resist. While Tenley Molzahn didn’t leave with half as much drama as Clare Crawley did, they were both runner-up, if you will. Tenley was last to be eliminated by pilot Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor 2010 and it happened without much controversy. Yeah, it was heart-breaking but still bearable. Clare Crawley on the other hand, had quite the blow-up when Juan Pablo (aka Mr. […]

  • Red Carpet Recap: Hot Looks from Last Night

    Where to begin about Oscar’s night? So many highlights in last night’s 2014 Academy Awards! Like Ellen Degenres’ side-splitting monologue, for example. Or even Jared Leto’s beautiful acknowledgement to victims of AIDS while speaking about the movie “The Dallas Buyers Club”. How about the rare mention of God in Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech? He was one of the few Oscar winners that mentioned God when he accepted the gold Oscar trophy into his own […]

  • Lupita Nyong’o Struts Her Stuff

    Watch out world, this girl is on fire! Ever since her recent debut in “12 Years a Slave”, Lupita Nyong’o has gone from zero to one hundred in the eyes of the critics. Hailing from Kenya, this girl has it all. Stunning, tall, poised, elegant and striking fashion taste to boot. She’s always had these impressive qualities but hasn’t been recognized until recently when her name blew up and landed on all magazines and […]

  • Victoria Justice Rocks an Orange Print

      Tis the season for fashion shows, as New York Fashion Week rolled through town. We were drooling over ensembles that ranged from the divine to the downright wild. But the sideshow at NYFW is the fashion sported by the celebrities lining the catwalk. We loved Victoria Justice’s daring outfit of an orange print gauzy top with an ultra-long back shirttail, paired with leather leggings. The Nickelodian starlet is all grown up! With a […]

  • Happy Feet, Nurse to Keep

    Ever feel like your nurse shoes don’t match your fashion taste and sense of style? You’re not alone. Nurse shoes are not quite, err shall I say, the sexiest of shoes? That would be understatement, of course. What seems to be the biggest complaint with footwear for nurses is the bulkiness. Shoes these days are more of the sleek, slim nature. And those clogs and sneakers are just not. There’s no way to opt […]

  • Paris Hilton & The Magic of Print Scrubs

    Had you at the word Magic, didn’t I? That’s because printed scrubs are magic. Here’s why: One word. Stains. You know as well as I do that nursing is not the cleanest of jobs. Dealing with an array of patients that need physical help in many areas (some of which shall not be named), kind of lends itself to a dirty mess. The bodily fluids nurses have on their scrubs and shoes at the […]

  • Adele – Full Figured and Flaunting It

    I can detect an Adele song from a mile away. Can you? The voice. Stunning! Adele actually writes her own music which is a unique blend of different genres -soul, R&B and pop – and are executed with unbelievable power and vocals. She is a music artist in its purest form. Gorgeous Adele has been criticized publicly for her weight by celebrities, saying she’s “huge” and “chubby” and of course that she should lose […]

  • Pink Is Hot With Katie Holmes

    Spring shopping is starting, you can see it everywhere! This is the part of the season that I love; it cuts the winter blues short. The holidays are over and all we can possibly think is, “Gah, we got all winter ahead of us!” Surprisingly, before we know it, out comes the spring paraphernalia. And then it feels like winter is remarkably shorter than what we were expecting. Somehow we’re amused at how early […]

  • Color Blocking with Sharon Stone

    We’re back with color blocking! Uh correction, Sharon Stone is. There’s never enough to be said about color blocking – color options are virtually endless with scrubs. You can mix it up and be the up and coming celeb on your nurse floor! Seriously, it’s that easy. You just gotta put your mind to it, and Bingo – you’re there. Here’s our Color Blocking for Scrubs 101. Not sure if you know about this, […]

  • Blurred Lines? Robin Thicke and Scrubs

    If I think back to this past summer, I think ‘Blurred Lines’. And indeed, many have named it the song of the summer! What was it? Maybe Pharell featured on the track? The catchy tune? Perhaps. Maybe Robin’s risqué music video on Vevo that got a over a million views on YouTube within the first day? Most likely. Controversial video you may say, as he is a married man. Robin Thicke however, begs to […]

  • Just A Little Bit of Laughs – Amy Poehler

    Just say the name and people are already dying from laughter. Amy Poehler. I mean, seriously, the jokes and one-liners she comes up with are side-splitting funny. They just are. Is it the poker-face she maintains when she says them? Maybe her demeanor? Who knows, but whatever it is – it is truly remarkable! As Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, she is epic. Not only is Amy gorgeous and talented, she is pricelessly […]

  • Indistinguishably Identical: Katie Lowes & Scrubs

    The TV show Scandal and the word suspense are synonymous. The political thriller just keeps getting more sinister and even steamier. Katie Lowes joined the phenomenal cast in Season 2 and spiced things up a whole lot! In October of this year, Katie Lowes showed at Variety’s 5th Annual Power of Women party in Beverly Hills to support the charity the organization does. She wore a white textured dress, which actually looked exceptional on her! […]

  • Keep Calm and Tee On

    It can get cold in scrubs. The short sleeves and year-round, thin fabric of scrubs can really get to ya. Especially in the winter months when it’s blustery and snowy. All you want to really do is wear warm winter turtle necks and wool cable sweaters. It comes to a point where even an ugly Christmas sweater will do! Fine, maybe just a scarf. Oh, but one small problem – scarves aren’t allowed. Frustrating, […]

  • Peek-a-boo! Call Me Maybe?

    Watch out, we’re going to give you the ‘Call Me Maybe’ bug. You know how it is, once you hear those catchy lyrics, it’s kind of difficult to get ’em out of your mind. ‘Here’s my number so call me maybe…’ Carly Rae Jepsen’s upbeat, lively tune just keeps going on and on in my head. By the way, have you ever seen Carly Rae Jepsen in anything other than bangs? Neither have I. […]

  • All In The Color: Arizona Muse and Amber Scrubs

    She’s young and has quite the fierce look too! Currently on the cover of Australia’s Vogue December 2013 issue, Arizona Muse shows off her piercing blue eyes. And this is not too long after she was featured on Chinas Vogue March 2013 cover. Arizona also has a contract with Estée Lauder for this year. She’s pretty darn busy modeling and it’s not difficult to understand why! Arizona Muse has the visage and bod of […]

  • Bring It To Scrubs: Leather Fashion Trend

    Emma Roberts definitely had an in into stardom. As the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, it seems like there just wasn’t that much work she had to do to get into the glamorous world showbiz. That doesn’t take away from the fact that her acting skills are superb! Have you seen We’re the Millers and American Horror Story this year? I mean she was just fabulous! Not to mention […]

  • Bold and Beautiful: Mindy Kaling

    Just looking at a picture of Mindy Kaling makes me laugh. Absolutely love her sense of humor! Her sense of style is also stupendous. Seriously. There are blogs about her outfits. Ok, I consider that cool. Mindy Kaling is bold. It’s not like she’s a size 0. And she flaunts it! She wears her clothes with pride and sexiness. Actress Mindy is constantly making an unspoken statement that thin isn’t the only beautiful. Along […]

  • Demi Lovato’s Chic Black Jacket

    Demetria Lovato, or better known as, Demi Lovato is no longer just a singer, she has risen to be an X-Factor Judge. Alongside Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, Demi is mentoring and judging other budding singers as they try to get their chance at fame and stardom. Demi has been pretty public about her difficult childhood being bullied, and her struggles with both eating disorders and mental illness. Kudos to her for […]

  • Too Alike To Be True – Sandra Bullock & NRG scrubs

    From Miss Congeniality to one of her latest movies, The Heat, Sandra Bullock is remarkably talented. She comes across as feisty, opinionated, sexy and smart. As an actress since 1987, she sure has her acting skills down pat. And her looks too. Always looking trim and fit, Sandra manages to pull together an unbelievably classy yet mod look. A few months back, Sandra Bullock attended the Twentieth Century Fox Photo Line at the Caesars’ […]

  • Jennifer Garner Goes Raisin Colored!

    This year’s fall colors are absolutely gorgeous! Red, rust orange, hunter green and raisin are but a few. These colors speak warmth, comfort and beauty. What more can we ask for? What’s also cool about this seasons colors is that it compliments most everyone. Deeper colors are bound to flatter any figure. It’s interesting that each color can bring out something beautiful in every person. Be it green eyes, darker skin, pink cheeks, or […]

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