Littmann Littmann Electronic Model 3100 L3100BK27

Item# L3100BK27
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Product Details

  • Delivers exceptional sound quality
  • Ease-of-use
  • Durable
  • Ambient noise reduction up to 85% on average
  • Simple user interface

Sassy Sue Says

Sassy Sue Says

There is a reason almost everything we use on a daily basis is run by electricity and the same should apply to your medical equipment, especially if you value precision over tradition. This all black electronic stethoscope 3100 reduces 85% of the general ambient noise which in-turn exceptionally increases sound quality. This easy to use electronic stethoscope is making headways in its field and we recommend that you join the innovative club for peace of mind and higher craftsmanship. Apart from the practical applications, this electronic stethoscope also looks visually effective, with its brushed aluminum accents and moldable soft rubber body.



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